All about the iD.Buzz: an electric Westfalia available in 2024 in Canada

frontal side view of a VW on the road at dusk

With the iD.Buzz, Volkswagen takes us completely back in time, while leading us directly into the future. For fans of minivans and #VanLife, this electric Volkswagen vehicle will have everything to please you. Indeed, its curves remind us to the iconic Westfalia and the Volkswagen Microbus Type 2.

However, with Volkswagen's zero-emission goal, bringing out a gasoline-powered minivan would have been a complete disconnect. The iconic Westfalia therefore becomes 100% electric.

This electric Westfalia has a planned release date in Canada for 2024. Pre-orders will be available as early as 2023 at Complexe VW 440, your dealership in Laval, near Montreal-North and Terrebonne.

two VW Westfalia from different eras face to face in front of an old restaurant

8 things to know about iD.Buzz 2024

The electric Westfalia has plenty of safety technology

While the iD.Buzz packs a lot of technology, one that is very useful and safe is pedestrian alert. In fact, the electric Westfalia alerts you when pedestrians are nearby. In addition, it is equipped with emergency braking, which will be triggered to avoid a possible collision.

It communicates with the road infrastructure.

Another new feature available on board is its ability to communicate with the road infrastructure.

So, not only does the iD.Buzz communicate with other Volkswagen electric vehicles such as the iD.4, it will be able to receive and send information to the road infrastructure about the state of traffic, possible accidents, etc.

An extremely interesting technological advance that will be available in Europe, but not for sure in Canada. We'll see!

The electric Westfalia receives frequent updates.

Another good technological news is that the electric Westfalia that will be available in Canada by 2024 will receive frequent updates. Nothing better for an up-to-date microvan!

Bidirectionel charging is available

How about storing energy at home with your vehicle? Well, it will be possible with the iD.Buzz. Indeed, according to the presentation video, it will be equipped with bidirectional charging. This will allow it to store energy in a dedicated panel at home, or even in the future, to provide energy to the city.

This is the first VW vehicle with autonomous driving

You heard me right! Autonomous driving will finally be available at Volkswagen and it will make its appearance in the already iconic iD.Buzz.

The electric Westfalia can be customized for all your business needs

Are you a company or an entrepreneur? You should know that the microbus is completely customizable to your needs. You can install seats in the back or leave it empty and equip it as you wish.

Vegan and recycled materials are used on board

In addition to the enormous space and comfort offered on board, the electric Westfalia has been designed to provide a real sensory experience. The steering wheel is made of vegan materials, plus the seats and the roof are made of recycled PET bottles. This means that everything will be soft and pleasant to the touch.

view of front seats VW ID.Buzz
cockpit view of a VW ID.Buzz

Smileys and little drawings are hidden inside and outside the Westfalia

Yes, you read that right. The iD.Buzz hides a lot of smiley faces on board, as well as cute little drawings. You'll have to let us know which ones you've found when you get out.

zoomed view of a smiley engraving inside a VW ID.Buzz
zoomed view of a small VW ID.Buzz engraving inside a VW ID.Buzz

Other important information and features of the Westfalia electric in Canada

The supposed price of the iD.Buzz 2024

We don't have any official information about the iD.Buzz price in Canada yet. However, many media outlets are reporting that the starting price of the electric Westfalia in the U.S. could be just under $50,000 USD (MSRP). We will update this article as soon as pricing is released.

The iD.Buzz and government incentives for electric cars

Depending on its selling price, the iD.Buzz could be eligible for rebate by the federal and Quebec governments. Here are the rates in effect in August 2022 and valid until 2025:

  • Federal government incentives : $5,000 rebate
    • Cars with an MSRP of $55,000 and up to $65,000 for more expensive versions
    • SUVs, pickup trucks, vans and specialized vehicles: from $60,000 to $70,000
  • Quebec government incentives : $7,000 rebate
    • Since April 2022, the maximum manufacturer's suggested retail price is $65,000

Also note that the Quebec government offers a $600 rebate for the installation of your 240-volt home charging station.

Pre-ordering your Volkswagen iD.Buzz

The VW microbus will be available for pre-order starting in 2023 on Volkswagen Canada's VolksKlick website. You can also visit a Volkswagen dealership, such as Complexe VW 440, if you live in Laval, Montreal or on the North Shore, and have our experts do the work for you.

iD.Buzz specifications: autonomy, power, battery and more

Although all the information on the iD.Buzz is not yet known, Complexe VW 440 gives you a little insight.

Specs of the 2024 iD.Buzz
Range 400 km (not official)
Lithium-ion battery 82 kWh (77kWh net)
Recharge time 5% to 80% in 30 minutes (170 kW fast charging station)
Heat pump Yes
Horsepower 201 hp
Torque 229 lb-ft
Traction All-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive
Turning circle 11.1 m
Wheel diameter 18 to 21 in.

Cargo capacity of the Volkswagen iD.Buzz

The electric Westfalia offers a lot of space on board. Moreover, it has been designed and built to be as practical as possible. The 2024 iD.Buzz will be offered in five, six or seven seat versions. Perfect for unforgettable road trips with family and friends. In addition, a cargo version may be available for your professional needs.

Here are the dimensions and cargo capacity of the iD.Buzz available after the first row.

frontal side view of 2 VW ID.Buzz in front of a yellow wall
rear view of a VW ID.Buzz and it's cargo capacity
iD.Buzz Cargo Space
Cargo capacity 600 kg + max roof load of 100 kg
Maximum load height 1.25 m
Maximum load width 1.7 m
Maximum load length 2.2 m
Volume Approx 4m3

Please note that the dimensions and volume indicated could vary for the models available in North America. Indeed, according to numerous videos, Volkswagen has confirmed that the wheelbase will be larger, thus offering a larger iD.Buzz than the European version presented.

iD.Buzz customization options

The iD.Buzz, whose price in Canada is not yet known, will offer many customization options to suit your needs and tastes. From the various bright and attractive colors offered, to the configuration of your electric Westfalia, you will be spoiled for choice.

In fact, the front area of the iD.Buzz can have a double bench or an individual seat on the passenger side. This space will be separated from the rear by a partition with or without windows.

In addition, you can choose between a model with the following features:

  • With or without rear seats
  • With or without windows in the back
  • With a hatchback or with two swing doors
  • With sliding or double side doors

In addition, there are numerous loading features:

  • Fastening rails for individual racks and cabinets in 3 positions.
  • Lashing eyes in 6 positions
  • Optional universal loading floor
  • Extendable underload function for an additional load length of 45 cm (passing under the front passenger seat)
lateral transparent view of a VW ID.Buzz and it's customization options
lateral transparent view of a VW ID.Buzz and it's customization options

In conclusion

We already see that the interest around this Volkswagen microbus is already very high. The Volkswagen iD.Buzz 2024, whose price has not been announced in Canada, will be available at Complexe VW 440, your VW dealer in Laval, located near Montreal-North and Terrebonne.

Our consultants are waiting for you today and will be happy to give you more information on this new electric microbus.

front side view of a VW ID.Buzz with a rainbow pattern